Showbox not working- How to fix it

Think what if the Showbox app stops working at morning suddenly and your entire bunch of selected movie and TV shows have gone into an inaccessible area within a minute!  It feels really pathetic; I know it because I have tastes the bitterness personally. I wish I knew the fixes at that time! But it may help you to fix the issue of Showbox not working.

Precisely speaking, Showbox seldom pops up some issues like the server isn’t responding, videos not available, etc. But the problem at the time of launching the app is unique and really irritating while you think how many hours you have spent to create a playlist on the app and sudden error plugs us into the utmost point of frustration.

So, what is the first thing comes into your mind when you face the issue?

I wrote a lot of emails into support but alas! I didn’t get a single reply. So I tried to find out the ways myself. Here are the findings-

Check for update:

Once you face off this issue, check for update as soon as possible. It may happen that you have not updated the app for a long time, some critical updated versions are released in between, and the old one which you are using has been derailed from the library. Probably that’s why you are not getting your app server connected with the digital library of the Showbox.

If your app is outdated, update that immediately, and you may save your hours of efforts from going into the vein. Simply download the latest apk and click on the install button, it will ask whether you want to update the existing app or install the whole app again. Select the “Update and install” option. It will update your app and will keep your playlist intact as you left that last night.

Clear Cache:

If your app is updated and still you are facing this issue then let me tell you, the cache may be the villain that is doing the mischief because sometimes old cache cause app crashes and sometimes prevent an app from opening.

To fix this thing, got the Settings option and tapped on the storage option. Select the app from there, and you can see an option of clear cache. Tap on that, and you are done!

These are my simple ideas for fixing the issue. Let me know if you have found anything extra; I will surely add that. My Showbox not working problem was solved by these two techniques, and now I am enjoying it again flawlessly.

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