What to Pack for a High Altitude Trekking Expedition in the Himalayas

If you are planning to go on a high altitude trek in the Himalayas, then you would need to carry a back pack comprising of food, trekking equipment and gears and also some survival supplies like medicines and first aid. It is best to start planning about what to include in your backpack well ahead of your journey date to avoid last minute chaos and confusion. We have comprised this guide to give you a basic outline about the things you should carry for your trekking expedition.

Trekking Gears: Clothes, Jackets and Footwear

  • Clothes: You need to carry proper clothing for high altitude treks to keep you comfortable at all times and also provide warmth and protection from the extremely low temperatures. Some of the items that we recommend you to carry are one pair of hiking pants so that you can change to a dry pair in case it rains. One pair of long sleeved trekking shirt, three to four short sleeved t-shirts that you can wear underneath the outerwear to keep to warm and at least two pairs of underwear.
  • Jackets: Jackets are the most important trekking gears that you will need on a high altitude trek as these are the ones that will keep you warm in freezing temperatures and prevent Hypothermia from setting in. It is always best to carry a minimum of two good quality waterproof down jackets and one set each of a thin windbreaker and down sweater.
  • Footwear: Footwear should consist of hiking shoes and socks. We recommend you to carry a minimum of three pairs of hiking socks so that you can change to a new pair if the first one gets wet due to rain or snow. The socks will not only keep your feet dry but will also prevent blisters and microbial infections. Along with socks, a good pair of hiking shoes is also necessary to keep your feet protected from mud and water. One pair should be good enough for a short trek to the Himalayas but you may carry an extra pair if you are planning to go on a longer trek.

Other Trekking Items

  • Battery Operated Searchlight: If you are planning to spend the nights by setting up camps during your trekking expedition then this is a must. A search light will also save your day if need to venture out in the dark for some reason.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: Carrying your own water bottle for treks is a good practice. You can refill your bottle along the way and keep taking a sip from it to make sure you stay hydrated always. Remember that in cold weather, you may not sweat profusely but you still lose water throughout your journey.
  • Medicines and First Aids: Do not forget to carry medicines to cure common high altitude ailments like mountain sickness. Before you commence your journey, you should make a list of the medicines that you should carry by consulting a doctor. Also carry first aids for treating injuries sustained while trekking.

Wrap Up

We have provided a basic guideline about the things that you need to carry on a high altitude trek in the Himalayas. You may add more items according to your wish but just avoid making your backup too heavy with unnecessary items as it will make the journey more tiresome and difficult.

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