iPad Mini 5 Release Date Rumors

iPad Mini 5 Release Date: There has been a considerable amount of talk about the iPad Mini 5 being cancelled after the much anticipated device from tech giants Apple missed out on its scheduled predicted release date in Q4 this year. But that isn’t necessarily the case as the new premium tablet from Apple might just well be rolled out in the first half of 2017. The range of tablets from the tech firm came shortly after the iPad line was introduced and did have a considerably good run in the market.

The first iPad mini was launched back in 2012 with a 7.9 inch screen and since then, we have seen a new iteration of the iPad mini at least once in subsequent years. Now the iPad Mini 5 has not had any official announcements so far with the upcoming tablet not even mentioned in oany of the recent Apple events. One hoped that the September 7 iPhone launch event would bring about any mention of the iPad Mini but it did not. Nor did the Apple event on October 27 which announced the launch of the new Macbook Pro.

iPad Mini 5 Release Date

iPad Mini 5 Release Date

For someone who is eagerly waiting for Apple to roll out the new iPad Mini, all these indications of Apple delaying the launch of the product is a bit worrying and certainly demoralizing. But 2017 is slated to bring all new hopes as Apple is most likely to launch their device by the first quarter of next year giving way to the expansion of the iPad mini line-up. At Apple's March 2016 event, the company announced its new iPhone SE, 9.7in iPad Air Pro, iOS 9.3 and new Apple Watch straps. Looking at the current trend and rumours, we think Apple will release the iPad mini 5, or iPad Pro Mini to be released at the 2017 September event.

iPad Mini 5 Release Date

Now there have been questions about why Apple is delaying the release of their device by this much. Tim Cook’s reasons may not be clear to anyone but there have been significant reports that the next iPad Mini will be a shorter replica of the latest 9.7inch iPad Pro along with the incorporation of other technologies since 2016. The advancements, quite definitely, take time to implement and we hope that by the time the new Apple offering is rolled out, it would be worth the wait.

iPad Version Name

Release Date

iPad Mini

October 2012

iPad Mini 2

November 2013

iPad Mini 3

October 22, 2014

iPad Mini 4

September 9, 2015

iPad Mini 5

September 2017 (Probable)

​Also Apple also has a scheduled event in June, which is the WWDC Developers Conference, where the tech firm does launch a number of their devices according to past instances. Well, for now, determining a correct release date pertaining to the iPad Mini 5 is just limited to the assumption that the tablet would be rolled out in September. Apple’s reputation of being tight-lipped about any significant details regarding their upcoming devices is known, and we are sure that concrete news regarding the iPad 5 mini release date will surely surface soon.

There is no sure sign on when the Apple iPad Mini 5 is rolling out. At best we can only speculate what to expect and when will it launch. It’s been so long since the last iPad Mini came out, and there have been rumors of the end of the line, but everything is still speculative in nature and warped in total secrecy. The mini lineup is probably not ending because the noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that Apple will be bringing in three new iPads. Those are a 12.9-inch successor to the iPad Pro, along with an old new 10-10.5-inch "high-end model," and a "low-priced option” with 9.7-inch. But as of now, we think Apple’s tablet will be launching in the Apple September event of 2017. We have put fingers crossed. check also iPhone 9 release date 

iPad Mini 5 Release Date: Is It Coming At All?

Fans who were waiting for the Apple iPad Mini 5 were disappointed in March this year when the WWDC event concluded. That event ended with the results we gave above: 2 new models, a new 10.5-inch and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro models. We had initially speculated that the month of September would be when the new device would hit the market. However, now that June is almost nearly over, it is yet to be decided when exactly the new device will launch.

A quick update for those who want to upgrade to an Apple: there are many sources which keep suggesting that the new iPad Mini 5 will not release at all, that Apple will kill the line-up. However, like many such sources, this too is a piece of rumour.

Remember that the early series of the Apple iPad Mini 2 and 3 were all released in October. So, it was a bit of surprise that the iPad Mini 4 was released in September of 2015. It was so surprising that Apple had to declare the iPad and the iPhone in a single night.

A report in Digitimes recently suggested that Apple was not really focusing on the iPad Mni line; instead, it was focusing on the smaller of the iPad Pro lines to replace the former ones. Apple will also procure some of its components from its secondary suppliers, one of which is the South Korea-based Seoul Semiconductor, which will supply the LEDs used for the displays, instead of the existing supplier, Nichia.

Overall, it can be reasonably expected that the new device will not come before August. However, there may be some merit to the rumours that the new device may not see the light of the day.

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