Apple iPad Mini 5 Features & Specifications (Expected)

The iPad Mini may have skipped a generation in 2016, but the fact remains that the iPad Mini 4 is still in production and remains largely in demand in a market where other tablets are dying out. But Apple has always been known to do things differently, and one of the reasons why the iPad Mini line up still prevails is because of the minimalistic yet very convenient features packed into its small 7.9-inch body. But now as the current year prepares to take a turn, many Apple fans are anticipating to see the next entry in the series. Perhaps we'll see the iPad Mini 5 surface sometime during early 2017 with some serious upgrades in its specs and features. The Mini 4 was the first in the line up to come

iPad Mini 5 Features

iPad Mini 5 Features

The Mini 4 was the first in the line up to come with a significant design overhaul, with a slimmer, and taller, build. On the inside, the RAM was upped to 2 GB and the CPU clocked at 1.5 GHz. We all know that Apple has been working on some next level technology, some of which we witnessed in this year's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Considering that the company has already skipped a generation in their popular compact tablet, the iPad Mini 5 is expected to bring in some radical changes.

iPad Mini 5 Features and Specs

No one likes a big, bulky tab in their hands, and device manufacturers from around the world are adapting to that. Advanced technology ensures that chopping down on the size and body does not necessarily indicate weaker specs. Likewise, the Apple iPad Mini 5 may sport a body as slim as 5mm in thickness, but it will pack in some impressive specs beneath the hood.

Processor, GPU, Memory, and Storage

There are chances that the iPad Mini 5 will be powered by a Tri-Core or Quad-Core Apple Typhoon CPU clocked at 2.0 GHz along with an upgraded A9X or A10 chipset. This could be paired with 4 GB of RAM compared to its predecessor's 2 GB capacity. On the graphics side, the iPad Mini 5 could house an Octa-Core Power VR GXA6850 GPU. On the memory side of things, the new iPad Mini will probably traverse in the lines of the iPhone 7 and ditch the 16 GB variant and instead go directly for the 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.


The iPad Mini 5 will come with much better display and screen resolution. The iPad Mini 4 was widely praised by Apple fans and tech heads because of its sophisticated Retina Display. Apple has been rumoured to bring in OLED display for the next generation of devices, and the iPad Mini 5 could be one of the first platforms to bring that in. In terms of the size, the Apple iPad Mini 5 will stick to the 7.9-inch screen that has come to distinguish the line. But the overall device may be made smaller with the aid of a largely bezel free design. We don't know if the iPad Mini 5 will be the torchbearer for Apple's endeavours for the removal of a physical home button, but if that were to happen, then we could have an inbuilt fingerprint scanner embedded into the display of the iPad Mini 5.

ipad mini 5 Camera

The camera department of the iPad line up has long suffered a slow advancement. It is high time that Apple came out with a significant hike in the iPad Mini 5's cameras. It may be possible that we'll see an upgrade in the primary shooter of the Mini 5 as it may be brought up to a 12 MP resolution. Coming to the front shooter, the iPad Mini has long been in need for a good camera for FaceTime. But we're not likely to see much of a bump in that department, with chances of a 2 MP shooter feeling most imminent. However, it is also possible for the iPad Mini 5 to sport a 5 MP front camera for a way better video calling experience.

  • Battery : Owing to a slimmer body, it is inevitable that the iPad Mini 5 will have to slash back on its battery capacity. The last model in the series was backed by a 5,124 mAh capacity, and for the new iPad Mini 5, we might see a battery of about 4,800 mAh capacity backing the device. However, that does not necessarily spell bad news for fans of the device, as new technological advancements have ensured better performance for smaller batteries as well.
  • Body : Apple has been experimenting a lot with their device builds lately, and there are a number of directions that the company could go in for the iPad Mini 5. However, most rumours claim that Apple's new iPad Mini will sport a 7000-series aluminium like in some of the previous devices which would allow for a slim, lightweight body without making it susceptible to bending. However, Zirconia Ceramic could also be an able candidate for the job, as was seen in the Apple Watch Series 2. Ceramic is one of the hardest materials in the world as well as being tremendously resistant to scratches. So Apple could certainly stick with this material for their future devices.
  • Add-On : The iPad Mini 5 could also come with some added features like a water and dust repellant body, an external keyboard of its own, Apple pen support, the latest version of Bluetooth (Bluetooth 5.0), and Fast Charging. There are also the chances that the iPad Mini 5 will ditch the headphone jack (which Apple would have to do if they made the Mini 5 into a waterproof device).

Wrap Up

We're expecting the iPad Mini 5 to launch in the markets around the spring of 2017 and go on sale within a few weeks after that. So if all goes well, there's not a great deal of time left before we get to find out what the upcoming device will really be like. With all the leaks and rumours surrounding the device, we are certain that the Mini 5 will be a device to watch out for. We're hoping Apple really decides to implement some much needed upgrades though. Check out the other sub-sections of this website to find out about the iPad Mini 5's Release Date, Wishlist, and Concept Design in depth. And don't forget to come back for updates.

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