Tablet computer is no more a hard-to-get thing these as a number of devices are coming out on to the market every now and then. Every second day someone or the other is coming on to the market with their new tablet computers. But for a brand like Apple it is not just like a mere electronic device, it is something more. So the world of gadget, brace yourself for the upcoming Apple iPad Mini 5 as you start expecting some special things from the house of Apple.

  • The iPad Mini is primarily a miniature version of the high-end tablet computers from Apple, the Apple iPad. When it came out in the market for the first time way back in the year 2012, it received some good reviews. It came out with a 7.9-inch screen while the iPad was of 9.7 inches. Its features bear a sheer resemblance with that of the iPad and many of the specs also had similarities with that of the iPad 2.
IPad Mini 5

IPad Mini 5

Since then Apple has traveled a long distance and more advanced technologies have made their way into the world of mobile devices. Apple brings in considerable amount of changes in all the new devices that they release on the market. And taking cue from that trend it can be said that the upcoming iPad Mini 5 is going to be one of those devices from Apple which have left people across the world in a state of awe.

Is Apple Ending the iPad Mini Lineup?

The next iPad Mini has been long overdue, so long has it been that the several people believe that Apple is actually planning to end the mini lineup. But that’s probably not happening. One of the world’s most noted leakster and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had reported back in January 2017, that Apple is planning to roll out three brand new iPads in March 2017. Those are 12.9-inch iPad Pro (which is basically a successor to the 2015 iPad Pro) along with a “high-end model” of 10-10.5-inch and a “low-end model” of 9.7-inch. Kuo said nothing about the release of the new mini, but he did predict that we will see a rise in the price of the iPads and he blamed it largely to the "decreasing exposure to the iPad mini." Kuo had, however ones suggested there won’t be a new model that would be drastically different. He said that on in the Apple tablet lineup, the 9.7-inch iPad might be our only budget option, so that is the one to look out for, in case, you have a tight budget. But before everything else, we need a release date for iPad Mini 5.

Apple iPad Mini 5 Release Date Speculation

As mentioned earlier the first edition of the Apple iPad Mini came out in the year 2012. It was in the month of October in 2012 that people across the world for the first time came across this new mobile device from the US-based brand. Eventually the device was out for sale on the market from the month of November in the same year.In the subsequent years Apple has followed the trend that they had set in the year 2012 as far as revelation of the iPad Mini is concerned. The Apple iPad Mini 2 came out in the in the November 2013 while the Apple iPad Mini 3 was released on the market in October 22, 2014.

Device Name 

Release Date

iPad Mini

OCT 2012

iPad Mini 2

NOV 2013

iPad Mini 3

OCT 22, 2014

iPad Mini 4

SEPT 9, 2015

iPad Mini 5

MARCH 2017

However, for the first time in four years that Apple came out of their own practice of unveiling iPad Mini late in the month of October or early November and chose September to be the month to make the announcement of the arrival of the latest version of the Apple iPad Mini. It was September 9, 2015 that the world of electronic device came across the 4th generation of the mini tablet computer from the house of Apple.

  • But it came as a real surprise for all who keep a close eye on the electronic devices of Apple when Apple skipped the official release of the latest version of the iPad Mini in 2016 and put a break in bringing into light the new iPad Mini in the third quarter of a year. We are already in the month of December in the year 2016. So there are absolutely no chance that we will be hearing news regarding the launch of the Apple iPad Mini 5 happening before the setting in of the new year.

And this has given rise to further speculation that the Cupertino-based brand will be aiming for a iPad Mini 5 release date to be within the first quarter of the year 2017. Experts have revealed that this could happen in the month of March. This is because of the fact that in the year 2015, Apple held an event where they launched new Macs and smartwatches.

Although the rumors were rife that Apple will launch the brand new iPad Mini 5 in March 2016, just like they did the same with the previous installment a couple of years ago, the Cupertino-based tech conglomerate disappointed us big time. So now the question arises what will be the iPad Mini 5’s release date? According to some Apple-exclusive tech blogs, the tech giant is going to unveil the iPad Mini 5 as well as the iPad Pro 2 in April.

  • Apple is currently planning to hold a launch event on 4th April at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park; and both the devices are slated to be unveiled on that event. Also it is going to be the first launch event which will take place in the 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Theatre which is one of the major attractions of the newly built Apple Park which is famously known as 'Spaceship.'

Moreover, all the major retailers have already slashed their prices and giving a considerable $150 off on current iPad devices, which is another indication that a new variant is coming out soon. The iPad Mini 5 is expected to feature company’s 3D Touch technology and will come with the IP68 protection to make the tablet waterproof and dustproof.

One of the most fundamental questions regarding the Apple iPad Mini 5 is the fact of its release. Yes, we know that the release of the device is imminent, but when is it? We should ideally take a look at precedents if we are to arrive at any sort of conclusion. The new device certainly was not unveiled at the WWDC event, neither it was launched in March, which many experts predicted would be. Instead, a October release date of the iPad Mini 5 is on the cards now. 

Past history points towards a September date, however. The Mini 4's arrived in September in its year of release, which was mildly surprising. The original iPad mini, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 were all launched at October events, incidentally, and each came a month after a September iPhone launch.

There was no 2015 October event for the Cupertino-based giant. This year, there is one. And the new Apple iPad Mini 5 may release in that month.

Apple iPad Mini 5 Design

To design slim gadgets is the order of the day. And Apple did the actual same thing when it released the Apple iPad Mini 4. The 4th generation iPad Mini got slimmer than its predecessor by a quite a considerable margin. It got almost 18% thinner than the iPad Mini 3 as the official website of Apple revealed and weighed around 300 grams.

iPad Mini 5 Design

iPad Mini 5 Design

It is expected that the Apple iPad Mini 5 is going to be brought out with an even slimmer design. And speculations have suggested that it will be just 5 mm thick which sounds absolutely incredible. Not only this will make the device lighter but aid the users to carry it much easily also. Alongside this, the upcoming device will be perhaps be sporting a design which would make it look more like the highly rated Apple iPhones. The 7000-series Aluminium series used to make the chassis in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus could be put to use yet again to design the chassis of the device. This will make the device more rigid and protect it from any sort of damage that might be caused due to the thinner design.

Apple iPad Mini 5 Features

When an electronic device waits in the pipeline to be released, it is quite natural that number of rumours, news and updates keep on coming regarding the features of the device. And following that we have a lot to present as far as the features of the highly anticipated iPad Mini 5 are concerned.

Undoubtedly the iPad Mini 5 is going to come out with some incredible features. When the Apple iPad Mini 4 came in, we witnessed a number of changes from the features that was found in the Apple iPad Mini 3. So even if there isn’t a sea change in the features of the upcoming version of the Apple iPad Mini, there will definitely be few. Among those few is perhaps going to be the touch-sensitive screens. The touch sensitive screens are already a feature of the Apple iPhones. So it is time that we might get it in the Apple iPad Mini series as well.

iPad Mini 5 Display

Coming to the display resolution of the Apple iPad Mini 5 it is expected that it is going to be revamped to a much better quality. If we go by the rumours we can have a 4K display resolution in this upcoming tablet from Apple. Also, the fact that a number of devices will be coming out with a support for the 4K resolution contributes to the speculation that the iPad Mini 5 is also going to feature a display capable of supporting 4K videos. this display is great to watch movies and serials, so download youtvplayer on your ipad and watch unlimited movies.

iPad Mini Processor

The upcoming mini version of the tablet from Apple could feature an Apple A9X processor under the hood. If we go by the trend we can see that the 4th generation of the Apple iPad Mini came with the Apple A8 processor and the previous edition with an Apple A8 processor. So it can be expected the upcoming version is going to have A9X processor. Also there are possibilities that it might feature an A10 Fusion processor as well but there isn’t any sort of confirmation regarding that. So speculations are floating for quite a long time now regarding the processor of the device. Also it is expected that the device might run on an iOS 12 operating system.

  • The Apple iPad Mini 5 might come with a better RAM. The earlier version of the device came out with a 2 GB LPDDR3 RAM. So there are possibilities that the device will come out with a 4 GB RAM alongside an internal memory of 64 GB. A couple of other iPad Mini 5 might be available as well which will have 128 GB and 256 GB internal memory respectively. And with all upgrades in the processor and operating system it won’t come as a surprise for the users.
  • Regarding the CPU it is expected that the Apple iPad Mini 5 is going to feature a 1.5 GHz tri-core Apple Typhoon which is currently available in the lately released Apple iPad Air 2. And possibilities are high that the Apple iPad Mini 5 is going to follow iPad Air 2 even in the GPU section. The latest iPad is equipped with an Octa-core PowerVR GXA6850 and we are predicting that the upcoming version of the miniature tablet is going feature the same as its GPU.

iPad Mini 5 Operating System

  • Apple iPad Mini 5 as stated above is expected to run on the iOS 11 operating system. So there are lots of features which have been spotted in the iOS 11 Beta versions after being released by Apple might eventually find their way into this next-generation mini tablet. And if that eventually happens, the fans and the consumers will be coming across a lot of new things.
  • A highlight of the iOS 11 features that might come in the upcoming iPad Mini 5 will have the updated Siri as the front liner. On most occasions Apple has aimed to update its AI considerably and there is no exception this time as well. Also there are lots of other things like iOS 11 Dock, the new Driving Mode, all are going to feature in the fifth generation of the iPad Mini from Apple. The camera which is also estimated to receive an upgrade as far as the sensors are concerned will be able to capture better pics if iOS 11 runs the Apple iPad Mini 5.

iPad Mini 5 Camera

Camera features of the Apple iPad Mini 5 are expected to be upgraded as well. The immediate predecessor of the concerned mini tablet from the US-based brand features an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel selfie camera

    • Experts have predicted that the upcoming one is going to have a slightly better camera as we haven’t come across too much of an upgrade as far as camera features in this series of tablet computers are concerned. So we might expect that the rear camera might be upgraded to be a 12-megapixel one while the selfie shooter might be of 2 megapixels.

iPad Mini 5 Battery

  • Among the additional features that might come in the Apple iPad Mini 5 we have the Bluetooth 5.0 which has been lately rolled out by its developer. The technology is expected to be rolled out in the smartphones and other electronic devices sometime next year which have made everyone believe that it will feature in the upcoming Apple iPad Mini 5.
  • The device is also expected to be backed up by a 4,800 mAh battery. Although the battery capacity is going to be brought down the performance will not be hampered. The fingerprint scanner is expected to be coming very much like its predecessors with the Home button.
  • A stark change in the battery charging system might come in as well. In fact, it has been reported that since the launch of the iOS 11 Beta 2, one developer has come across some new sound files which indicate that the device running on iOS 11 will have the facility of wireless charging. Well, there have been occasions previously when such sound files have been discovered but were never put to use. So even if there are possibilities that wireless charging would be brought in as one of the Apple iPad Mini 5 features, there are enough chances that this might not eventually turn out to be true. But it is very likely that Apple will roll out this feature this time on the upcoming mini tablet as well as other devices which will be running on the iOS 11 platform.

Apple iPad Mini 5 Wishlist

The users of the iPad Mini or those who will be planning to buy one once the latest one comes out will be eager to have a number of changes. The first one in the wishlist is going to be the camera feature. The iPad Mini series is definitely not one of the best if we consider the camera. So we wish to have a much better camera, even if not in the back, definitely in the front.

  • Yet another thing we would like to have in the Apple iPad Mini 5 is the foldable feature. Apple has been reported to have received patents that bear the blueprints of foldable device. And the fact that the iPad Mini 5 is coming out after a long gap makes us believe that we might have a foldable Apple iPad Mini 5.
  • We would also love to have a waterproof iPad Mini for the first time as the Apple smartwatches and latest iPhones have come with waterproofing technology. An inclusion of the Apple Pay is also something the fans would like to have in the upcoming version of the miniature tablet from Apple.

As the release date of the Apple iPad Mini 5 is approaching, we are dreaming of more and more updates which could ship with the new device because we would like it. And what would be more fetching for the new device with some of the items in this list? We have already devices some of the most essential items in the device. Now, we list some more.

3D Touch

It is about time that the iPad Mini 5 brings in the 3D Touch feature. The integration between the iOS 10 and the 3D Touch feature was remarkable; with the release of the iOS 11, it is likely to get a bit more secure. Besides, the Apple iPhone 6s-generation too had this feature. The 3D Touch feature makes the overall experience a lot more comfortable for the user as it can work even if the finger is smudged or wet. Besides its more secure nature, it will also enable better user experience to boot.

Remove the Headphone Jack

Somehow, this feature, if incorporated, will allow Apple to stay one step ahead of the curve like it usually does. The headphone jack, when removed, will also allow the iPad Mini 5 to stay a step ahead of the times. Should the iPad Mini 5 lack the headphone jack, it will not only have a more streamlined shape, but also a number of new features including a better and bigger battery and the overall device will be lighter as well.

Include Fast Charging Feature

This feature is very important in case you decide to use the device on the go. A fast charging feature will also help users to quickly charge their devices, in a method very similar to the Qualcomm Fast Charge process. Besides, the much vaunted Apple Pencil comes with its ultra-fast charging as well, an indication, perhaps, of the things to come.

Apple iPad Mini 5 Price

The Apple Mini 5 is expected to undergo a price hike. The 16 GB variant of the iPad Mini 4 came out with a price tag of $399. So it won’t be too much of a surprise for the tech enthusiasts across the world if the device comes out with a price tag of $499. The 64 GB variant and the 128 GB one will be available with an even higher price for the increase in the internal memory of the device. are you looking for christmas gifts for you techies girlfriend, this is perfect item. 

Wrap Up

It seems that Apple is going to make some improvements as far as the features of the iPad Mini 5 are concerned which will result in a price hike of the device. But the users are definitely going to get a much better device than the previous editions of the mini tablets from the house of Apple. Apple was launch the best wireless router 2019 for their fans.